The consulting center is the workplace for consultants who remotely operate the whole network of information kiosks and provide support for customers. Using the Vadiato system, your customers will always have access to the knowledge of the best experts, regardless of which information point they use.

Videoconference with customers

The application for consultants makes it possible to talk to customers who use information points in various locations. Direct connections between consultants and information points ensure excellent quality of image and sound and guarantee the security of the system. Archived records of conversations and other confidential information are only stored in the consulting center.

Presenting movies and information

During the conversation with a customer, the consultant may present any instructional or advertising movies and view graphical information stored in the cloud. If necessary, the consultant can also remotely share the screen of their computer with the customer. It makes it possible, for example, to view an offer or contract before printing it.

Remote help, scanning and printing

The consultant may remotely control the kiosk's screen, to help the customer find needed information in the catalog of product or the search tool for offers. Depending on the additional equipment of the kiosks, the consultant also may remotely scan a barcode of a product or the identity card of a customer, and also remotely print any documents.

Remote work outside the consulting center

If necessary, consultants can operate the Vadiato system from outside the consulting center. It is a perfect solution for people who work from home. Thanks to this, customers have access to experts from different locations.