We offer the possibility to integrate information points with external automation systems from various manufacturers, which greatly extends the capabilities of the Vadiato system.

Detecting the presence of a customer

Kiosks can have additional sensors that detect the presence of the customer in the room or near the information point. This makes it possible to automatically view a welcome movie or connect to a consultant when a new customer approaches.

Controlling the shop exposition

Information points can be integrated with a system which controls automation elements. It is possible, for example, to turn on the lights which present different products and to control mechanical elements of the exposition, such as window blinds.

Staying in touch with the consultant

In larger rooms it's possible to connect information points to additional screens, microphones and cameras. This will allow the customer to stay in touch with the consultant as they move across the room.

Directing the customer to the needed product

The information point can help the customer find the needed product by viewing an interactive map of the shop or printing information with the location of the product. We offer the possibility to create a dedicated mobile application, which will may make it easier for customers to navigate in the shop. The application can also be used to scan barcodes in order to quickly find information about a product. We can also install light signals, which can point the way to the right place in the shop and indicate the location of the product on a shelf or exposition.