Interactive information points are kiosks situated in different locations. Thanks to the innovative Vadiato system, your customers can use them on their own or with remote help of a consultant.

Needed information at your fingertips

We will create a dedicated information application for you, whether you need a catalog of products, a search tool for offers or different kind of information. Using it, your customer can quickly and easily find interesting information. A readable touch screen with high resolution provides comfort when viewing the materials.

Viewing and printing information

The Vadiato system allows customers to freely view instructional or advertising movies about selected products. These movies are stored in the cloud, which makes it easy to manage them from any location. Information points also let the customer take a printout with necessary information or offers.

Videoconference with a consultant

Thanks to the built-in camera, information points make it possible to have a comfortable conversation with a consultant. They can answer customer's questions, give practical advices and directions and help them find the information they need. The Vadiato system makes answering all the questions much easier.

Optional equipment

Depending on your needs, we offer additional, optional equipment for the kiosks:

  • Barcode scanner makes it possible to find information about a product.
  • Identity card scanner is an excellent solution for banks and offices.
  • Laser printer allows printing offers, contracts and other documents with high quality.
  • Acoustic partitions provide comfort and privacy during the conversation with a consultant.

Adaptation for disabled people

The size of the information kiosks can be adapted to the needs of people using wheelchairs. Thanks to the remote support of consultants, the Vadiato system can also be used by people with impaired vision.