Along with the Vadiato system, we provide comprehensive services, starting from analysis and consulting, through the adaptation of the system to your individual needs in visual, functional and technical aspects, and creating a dedicated information application. The Vadiato system is a perfect solution for: chains of stores, banks, offices, medical facilities, travel agencies, and many more.


We deliver and install kiosks that match your needs in terms of size and additional equipment, such as scanners, printers and acoustic partitions. We also offer full implementation of the system in the consulting center, along with a training for employees.


Depending on your needs, we can integrate the Vadiato system with other information systems, such as warehouse systems which control the catalog of products. We can also integrate information points with systems that control detectors, light signals and other automation elements.


We provide full technical support, maintenance of the system and problem solving. Along with the support services, our clients have constant access to the newest versions of the system, to ensure highest performance and security. We also provide additional services related to the warranty and insurance of delivered equipment.