We help finding the way to information

Vadiato is an innovative system that will help your customers immediately reach the information they need. The possibility of a videoconference with a consultant will make answering all the questions much easier.

Why should you choose Vadiato?

of employment costs

A small number of employees can operate multiple remote locations.

Constant access to
the team of consultants

In each information point your customers have easy access to the knowledge of experts.

Easy flow
of information

Information from the customers goes directly to the consulting center.

A modern

By using innovative technologies, your company or institution will become more modern.

Our integrated services

What will you gain with Vadiato?

  • an innovative information and consulting system
  • an information application dedicated to your needs
  • integration with other IT systems and automation
  • deployment in the consulting center and installation of kiosks
  • training for employees and constant technical support
  • warranty and insurance of the provided equipment

System that suits your needs

We will adapt the Vadiato system to your needs in visual, functional and technical aspects. Different versions of equipment and the possibility of integration with external systems ensure a wide range of applications. We will create a dedicated application for you: a catalog of products, a search tool for offers or different kind of information.